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Guild.so v0.0.3 - Solana Riptide Hackathon


Guild.so v0.0.3 - Solana Riptide Hackathon

👋 Introduction

For anyone who has not yet seen the first post where we introduced Guilds and the idea behind it, make sure to do so here:

Introduction to Guild - incentivize your team with SOL crypto rewards 💡

🚀 Current Progress

It has been great fun to be part of this Hackathon and develop the https://guild.so project during the extra time off working during the holidays. 🤩

Since the last post, we now have the following things in place:

🎖 Badges

We have now added the Badges functionality where you can create your own badges, set specific requirements, and your team members could earn the Badges for their different accomplishments! 🙌 (e.g., closed 10 tasks, worked for a total of 100 hours, join 1 team, etc.)

Guild Badges

🎨 Design Changes

We have made some changes to the initial design:

Guild Design Changes

Guild Solana Shifts

Guild Solana notifications

🏢 Shift log

We now have shift logs where the time when a shift was started and ended is recorded.

Guild Solana Shift log

👏 See who is on shift

You now have a quick overview of all people that are currently on shift and the tasks that they are working on!

Guild See who is on shift

❓ Things To Do

🔧 Tools

The tools which we've used so far are: