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Guild.so v0.0.1 - Solana Riptide Hackathon


Guild.so v0.0.1 - Solana Riptide Hackathon

👋 Introduction

For anyone who has not yet seen the first post where we introduced Guilds and the idea behind it, make sure to do so here:

Introduction to Guild - incentivize your team with SOL crypto rewards 💡

🚀 Current Progress

So far we have prepared an initial PoC and it is going quite well!

Currently, people can register, create teams, assign other people to their teams and give them specific roles. Some of the things that we've got done for the MVP are:

Mockup for the initial sign up screen

Guild initial sign up screen

CRUD for new tasks and simple task management (asign/unasign tasks to self) using Laravel LiveWire

Guild Tasks Management

Basic On/Off shift functionality and tracking of the total time worked on a specific project/team

Guild Shifts

Phantom Wallet Authentication

We've got the Phantom Wallet authentication working quite nicely too using @solana/web3.js:

Guild Phantom Wallet Authentication

Later on users will be able to request payouts to the wallet that they've authenticated with!

❓ Things To Do

We've got the initial idea and setup done however there is still a lot to do!

🔧 Tools

The tools which we've used so far are: